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Create Beautiful Membership Sites In Minutes…
Make MORE Money, Help MORE People
Boost student results, make more money…

There’s a problem
with membership

…they are OLD.

Membership software have
been around for a very
long time.

They’re often overly
complex to use, take
hours to manage and
they’re overloaded
with unnecessary

It’s about time that changed!

Introducing: Member App

A revolutionary membership
system created by marketers
for marketers.

- Built to optimize training delivery,

- Built to improve your visitors
training experience and results

- Built to make your clients results
transparent through modern analytics
& hosting technology.

If you’ve been looking
for a way to create beautiful
looking membership websites
in minutes.

Membership websites that help
your customers to get better
results and help you to make
more money…

…then Member App is the solution.

Take a closer look at this
software in action here now:



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Undercharging for your courses?
Make more money from your Memberships
Beautiful courses in minutes…

One of the biggest problems
with membership website
is the creators focus
on features NOT a
customers user

It’s costing course creators
money and leading to lower
course completion and less
success within their

There is NOTHING more important
when you’re creating a course
on the internet than student

That’s why Member App is here
to completely shake up an
old and tired membership
software industry.

Member App started by thinking
of customer experience first.

They recruited the top UI and UX
professionals to create 3 highly
tested and proven course themes
that provide students with a
friendly a and comfortable
learning experience.

Each theme looks amazing and
helps your courses to stand
out above the rest.

If you want to trample on
your competition and create
better looking courses that
your students love to access
then go here now and take
a closer look at Member App:


It includes a wide range of
other benefits…

…however this particular feature
really stood out for me and
thats why I wanted to tell
you about it.


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Membership Software eating away at your time?
Membership Software have lost the plot…
Increase your ROI and Boost customer results…

The fact is that Membership
websites are overloaded
with features…

…and most course creators
are spending an unnatural
amount of time simply
maintaining all of those
unnecessary features.

All of that time being
chewed up is eating
away at their ROI and
keeps them away from
the most important
tasks within their

Introducing Member App:

Member App was created
with the user in mind.

The workflow has been
completely optimized.

You can create courses
in less than 7 steps…

…it takes just minutes
and then the software
automatically maintains
them for you.

It tracks your users
progress, it hosts your
videos for you, it
tracks your most successful
customers vs those that
drop off…

…it identifies improvements
you can make within your
training and much much

All while you’re able to
focus on building your
business, finding more
customers and making

If you’d like to take a closer
look at this automated, easy
to use membership system go
here now:


This is the Membership software
of the future. You can secure
a special ‘founder’ spot for
a low one time cost right now.


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Why Membership websites usually SUCK!
The problem with your training course…
Ever felt ripped off by bad training?

It’s more common than you
might think…

…bad membership websites are

In fact most course creators
don’t even know how bad their
courses are.


Because they don’t have any
feedback system in place.

Feedback from clients, customers
and students is essential to
ensuring your courses get

Most course creators desperately
need this feature but membership
software simply don’t have it.

They’re too busy working on
features that sell their

…instead of actually get
results for their customers.

The good news is that’s about to change!

A brand new software called
Member App has taken these
problems seriously…

…and developed an amazing solution!

They’ve created a feedback
system thats going to change
the way courses are created

You can take a closer look
at it here now:


Here’s what it includes:

1. To help you to identify
how many of your students
are completing your courses
the software tracks them
through every step.

You can see exactly how much
progress each user is making
and where on average your
students are dropping off.

2. You can track the % completion
of each of your videos accross
your membership website.

If your students are dropping
off and not completing a particular
video you can see the exact time
your visitors are dropping off
and make improvements.

3. Every lesson includes a
feedback system so your students
can alert you if something wasn’t
clear or if your course has a

It’s super easy to use and
you get alerted immediatlly
every time a student sends
you a message.

Take a closer look at this
system in action here now:


Right now Member App is in
it’s ‘founder launch’ phase.

You can get access for a limited
time to a founders copy of this
software for a low one time price.

Go here now to get access:



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A REVOLUTIONARY new service…
Online training is shaking up the world
Join a new ‘FAST GROWING’ Industry
‘Silent’ millionaires…

There’s a revolutionary
new system that some
marketers are cashing
in on…

…and they’re completely

They’re using membership
website software to create
courses with experts,
businesses and educational

…and taking a % of the
profits for themselves.

This is so big that the
biggest names in marketing
are doing it.

Ryan Deiss, Tony Robbins and more…

This is soon going to become
one of the biggest opportunities
that the internet has seen.


Because with 5G internet
incoming videos are going
to load on the internet
in an instant.

Training, education is going
to be conducted more and more
on the internet.

And you can be there to cash-in
helping busniesses and experts
to jump onto this trend.


Using a software called
Member App which includes
Commercial Rights!

This software helps you
to create Membership
websites for businesses,
experts and more…

…then it gives you a
system to white label
and partner with them.

It’s incredible!

Not only that but this
software features the
most modern technology,
it’s easy to use and the
courses it creates look

Take a look for yourself
here now:


Right now you can get
access to this software
for a super-low one time

This is the first time this
software is going public and
for that reason it’s looking
for ‘founding users’ it can
get feedback from and help
to make money with this

If this sounds like an opportunity
you’d like to be involved in then
you can go here now to take
a closer look:



Email 3


$3000 Creating courses for businesses…
$3000 for 30 minutes work…
Cash-in creating membership sites for businesses…

One of the least sexy topics
online is ‘Membership Websites’

Well I’m not entirely
sure… the fact is that
right now they’ve never
been in hotter demand.

In fact marketers are
creating membership websites
and selling them for $3000
a pop.

Whats even better is that
because of modern technology
you can now create them
in minutes using Member App.

A brand new software that
has been built to leverage
this massive ‘consulting’

With Member App you can
build Membership websites
in minutes for businesses,
experts or influencers…

…import all of their videos
in, copy and paste their

Then transfer the membership
to the business with ‘white
labeled’ branding - all
in minutes.

Then get paid!

You can even get paid within
the Member App system for
doing this.

If you’d like to take a
closer look at this software
in action go here now:


The software is currently
running for a ‘founders special’
where you pay once to get
lifetime access.

This is one of the best
money making opportunities
out there right now.

Take a closer look here: